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Lifting the hands that hang down...
We all need a little help sometimes... give when you can.


The mission of KnitWorks.org is to provide citizens an outlet for service to their communities and to provide warmth to those in need.  

Statement of Purpose


KnitWorks.org provides community members and organizations with an outlet for service. It also serves as an avenue for service projects with local charity organizations. The projects that we organize will serve the needs of the Wasatch front including but not limited to Utah County, and Salt Lake County. We intend to work with local charitable organizations that have needs that will fit with our commitment of service.  

To further its purpose the organization will look for opportunities within the community. In an effort to provide opportunities at many levels, this project asks local knitters to grab their needles (and hooks) to knit for a purpose. We are asking for knitted or crocheted squares that are 8” x8” to be combined into blankets and given to local homeless shelters, veterans associations, Women’s Shelters, the local Adopt an Elder program and other organizations that have a need for them. By December 2013, our goal is that we will have, with the help of other service minded individuals, completed and shared at least 100 blankets to community organizations. The service projects will also involve knit events for local charities that are in need of warm items of clothing like hats and gloves, as well as blankets and other items that can be made quickly and easily.

By providing these services, we aim to help facilitate the needs of individuals and families regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, gender, or disability, within our community by supporting those organizations that they rely on. 

Please send your Knitted or Crocheted donations to PO BOX 854, Orem, UT 84059. Thank you!